Mediation Fees

Call us for hourly rates or per diem rates.

As is routinely provided for in court ordered mediation, mediation fees are due and payable at the conclusion of the mediation. As a courtesy to counsel, if counsel is advancing the fee, we will invoice counsel following the mediation with the expectation that the fee will be paid within five (5) days of the mediation. If counsel is not advancing the fee, payment is expected at the conclusion of the mediation. In the case of governmental  entities, counsel will receive an invoice following the mediation. Please remember that we have no ongoing relationship with mediation parties, therefore the expectation is that other than with governmental entities, counsel will ultimately be responsible for payment of the mediation fee.

The mediation fee is usually divided evenly between the parties, unless otherwise agreed or ordered by the Court. Our charges are in 1/4 hour increments and there is a three (3) hour minimum charge for half day and a six (6) hour minimum charge for full day mediations held in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

For your convenience, we accept credit card payment for mediation fees.

Calendaring Mediations

Rule 1.430, Florida Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators requires that mediations shall be scheduled “… in a manner that provides adequate time for the parties to fully exercise their right of self-determination.” It is, therefore, our policy and practice to schedule mediations for one half day or a full day (or longer if necessary). Half day mediations generally start at 9:00 A.M. or 1:30 P.M, however we will accommodate your schedule as necessary. When scheduling a mediation, please keep in mind that if you reserve a morning for one half day and another mediation is scheduled for that afternoon, the morning mediation will have to conclude in time for the afternoon mediation to begin when scheduled. This may necessitate a continuation or adjournment of the mediation depending on how the parties and counsel wish to handle the situation.

Travel Time

There is no charge for travel time.

Conference Room Fees

There is no charge for conference room fees at our firm.  If another location is desired, said location may incur fees, however.

Preparation Time

There is no charge for preparation time.

Pre-Mediation Paperwork

Pre-mediation submissions including factual information about the case, legal issues, previous negotiations if any, the nature of the parties and their relationship with each other, and any information you feel would help Mr. Oza better understand the case to be mediated and the personalities involved, are very helpful.

In family law matters, we will provide questionnaires that will need to be completed and submitted to us by the parties one week prior to the date of the mediation.

In the event there is insufficient time to prepare and send a pre-mediation submission, feel free to call Mr. Oza before the mediation with any last minute information. Any such conversations will be kept in strict confidence unless you instruct me otherwise.

Also, please let us know at the earliest possible time of any security or health related concerns so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Mediation: Frequently Asked Questions

a value proposition that can save time and dollars is a key to our portfolio of services. Whether it is a contentious civil matter or an upcoming divorce, Oza Law, P.A. is a trusted resource.  We are a completely confidential and neutral forum.  Our goal is to resolve the dispute in the least expensive manner possible. 

Kamlesh B. Oza is a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator. He has mediated cases as an attorney as well as mediator. He has settled cases ranging from simple to complex. 

Frequently, mediation is less about facts and law and more about the demeanor and style of the mediator. Once parties decide to mediate, Mr. Oza provides a realistic opportunity to settle. More often than not, success follows.

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